Pooja Mandirs

We have shipped our Pooja Mandirs all across the USA and Canada and are glad to help in the process of making sure your Pooja Mandir reaches your home safely. For customers living in the DFW area, they can come pick up the Pooja Mandir and take it in their car if it fits. Mandirs that are 3 ft or less can generally fit in an SUV. Mandirs that are 4 ft could fit in a 7-seater SUV or mini-van. We will help you pack and load the Mandir.

For customers who live far away, or have ordered a large Pooja Mandir, the best transportation option would be a small transport truck. We can give you suggestions for transportation companies but Little Org does not personally provide any transportation for the Pooja Mandirs. We will gladly pack, secure, and load the Mandir from the store.

Brass and Paintings

We ship our brass ornaments and paintings across the USA and Canada. Shipping costs for these items will depend on the size and weight of the products, and the final shipment location. This cost will automatically be added when you are on the checkout page, or you can directly contact us for more information. We will do our best to make sure the product is securely packed to avoid any damages during transit.

For more information, feel free to contact us at info@littleorg.com or +1 469-579-1987.

Professional service answering all our questions from beginning to end. Recommend to anyone who is looking for Indian Pooja mandir
Hamsa Murugesan