Yes, the store is open to all customers, but due to COVID-19 we request you call and schedule an appointment for the health and safety of our staff and customers.
Yes, we keep several Pooja Mandirs at the store. Customers can come look at them and immediately purchase a Mandir if they like it.
Customers can look through the models of different suggested Pooja Mandirs and can customize a Mandir based on their needs and preferences.

There are two ways to customize your Pooja Mandir.

  1. Select a model from the given sub sections (tabletop, open, semi-closed, closed, or contemporary). There are different upgrade/ customization options for each model type and can be changed based on what you want.
  2. If you desire a Pooja Mandir that is not already shown on our website, you can design your own Pooja Mandir based on your preferences.

We will gladly help you in every step of the way in selecting and customizing your Pooja Mandir. Customers are encouraged to contact us so we can discuss any customizations on pre-existing or new models.

For Pooja Mandirs

Little Org does not offer any returns or exchanges on any of our Pooja mandirs. Our Pooja Mandirs are customized specifically for each customer, thus we cannot take any returns. Customers are welcome to come to our store in Dallas to look at their Mandir they pick it up. For customer who cannot come to our store, we can send pictures for confirmation of completeness before shipping your Mandir.

For Brass Ornaments and Paintings

Little Org does not take any returns or exchanges on our brass products or the paintings. However, customers are welcome to come look at the products at our store in Dallas before purchasing.

No, the Pooja Mandirs are not dismantlable. All our Pooja Mandirs are made securely with high quality materials for a long-lasting product.
Once the work has started on your Mandir, the major structural design of the Mandir cannot be changed. However, some small changes could be made, but this is determined on a case by case basis. Feel free to contact us if you want to make changes to your order and we can further discuss your options.
Oak Plywood, Oak hardwood, and Mahogany hardwood.
All our Pooja Mandirs are made in Dallas, Texas. We procure the lumber locally.
No, the designs on the website are the most common basic template models. All the model options on the website can be customized in several different ways. Additionally, we build entirely customized Pooja Mandirs based on our customers ideas, designs, needs, and preferences. Customers can schedule an appointment to come talk to a member of our team to help them design their ideal Mandir.
We assist in the shipping process of the Pooja Mandir/ Products. For more details, click here for our shipping policy.
Professional service answering all our questions from beginning to end. Recommend to anyone who is looking for Indian Pooja mandir
Hamsa Murugesan